Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA

handmade jewelry & art with love


Jewelry Design


I've been making jewelry intuitively since I was tiny, picking wildflowers and linking them together, so excited to be wearing dandelion flowers on my wrist.  Fast forward to my mid-20s in NYC, street vending off a tiny table on the corner of Spring St and W. Broadway in Soho, selling all the jewelry I had made off my table.  Then forming my own jewelry design company, Nabi Design, which became a thing, for years.  My jewelry sold nationally and internationally, and was featured in many magazines and on celebrities.  I dissolved the company, but my love for creating playful, sensual, delightful sculptural forms to adorn the wearer continues.  I use stones, glass, materials I've collected over the years.  I infuse my pieces with beauty,  love and intention, sending these exact blessings to the wearer.  I hope you enjoy the pieces as much as I enjoy creating them. 



I graduated from The Cooper Union School of Fine Arts with a BFA in 1998.  But, really, I have always been an artist, obsessed with paper, drawing, and lines.  I never pursued being a gallery-showing artist, but my postpartum journey has shown me the power of my art: as a portal for the full expression and healing of my soul.  I feel that becoming a mother has shown me the true value of creating my artwork.  What I hope to be featuring and selling in my shop are originals, prints, and products made from the art that comes through me, which I do feel are shamanically healing imagery.  Many of the pieces reflect, for me, the power of the feminine, of ancestral lineage, of ancestral communications to heal transgenerational trauma, and the body as vessel.  Please feel free to write me any thoughts or questions you have about my pieces.  I am still in the process of finding language to describe my work.  



I was born in Seoul, Korea and lived in NYC most of my life.  I come from a lineage of medicine people, scholars, diplomats, entrepreneurs, and farmers.  I consider myself a Healing Artist.  My varying interests, wide range of studies and experience have made me feel like I was too scattered and not focused enough.  In fact, they all make sense together.  Besides my jewelry and my art, I also am a Chinese Medicine practitioner in the 5 Element system.  I graduated from the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture, with a MA in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs in 2014.  Before then, I was deeply healed and impacted by studying the body, movement, dance and Somatics in the form of Contact Improvisational dance, completing 500hrs of study in the Embodyoga system, and have had chances to study with pioneers like Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and Angela Farmer.  Living in Vermont and studying these modalities deepened my experience of being an embodied woman and human.  I have also always been a dancer.  I am currently interested in studying sexuality and healing trauma.  I believe the work we do on ourselves, the creations that come through us, are healing forces that touch our ancestral line and future generations.  We must continue to create!